Wyandanch Homes and Property Development Corporation (WHPDC) is a nonprofit community based organization. WHPDC was established in 1985 to address the needs of low income and homeless families living in Wyandanch and other impacted Suffolk County communities.

Through the Project Self Sufficiency Program, WHPDC provides affordable rental housing and support services in the form of case management to low income and homeless families. Since 1985, WHPDC has built 22 modular houses and renovated 5 houses. These homes are used to house the participants of the Project Self Sufficiency Program.

The majority of the families in the program have been chronically homeless. By the time they enter the program, they have been in and out of shelters for years or living in unstable and unsuitable housing. All families in the program stay an average of 2-5 years. This length of time really enables WHPDC to help these families make life-long behavioral changes that lead them to economic self-sufficiency.